Plenary Speakers
In alphabetical order by first name

“The Role of the Social Economy in Urban Regeneration and its Impact on Societal Well-Being”
Marguerite MENDELL
Director, Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy, Concordia University, Montreal (Canada)

“Innovative partnerships to revitalize communities: lessons from Quebec”
President/Executive Director, Chantier, Québec (Canada)

“Make Hope Possible Rather than Despair Convincing”: Local Communities at the Heart of the Social Economy"
Director, Community Organizing at Locality (UK)
Case Study Speakers
In alphabetical order by first name

“Sustainability in Social Economy: Seoul Case Study”
PARK Wonsoon
Mayor, Seoul (Republic of Korea)

“Sustainability in Social Economy: Bologna and Emilia Romagna Case Studies”
Virginio MEROLA
Mayor, Bologna (Italy)

“’Power of Kyoto’ To Boast in The World – Future-oriented City Based on The Tradition”
FUJITA Hiroyuki
Deputy Mayor, Kyoto (Japan)

“How well social economy is integrated in the City and how it deals with social issues such as job creation, social economical inequality”
Vice-Mayor, Quezon (Philliphine)

"Sustainability in Social Economy: Québec Case Study"
Québec Delegate General, Government of Québec, Québec (Canada)

“Building Better Governance for Social Economy in Seoul”
Kyong yong SONG
The Co-chairman of GSEF 2013 Organising Committee
President, Seoul Social Economy Network (Republic of Korea)