Breakout Session Speakers
In alphabetical order by first name

“Building a system for vitalizing cooperatives ”
Franca Guglielmetti
President, CADIAI/Legacoop (Italy)
"Co-op Youth Educational Programme Development"
Hugh Donnelly
Director, Co-operative Education Trust Scotland (Scotland)
"European social economy phenomenom and role of labor cooperative union movement "
Hyungsik EUM
Data Analyst, CICOPA (Republic of Korea)

“Proposing innovative model of youth social enterprise through mixed and complexed industries ”
Jaz Hee-jeong Choi
Deputy Director, Urban Informatics Research Lab (Republic of Korea)

“Solving the root problem through cooperating among customers ”
Michel Hansen
Consumers Union (USA)

“The structure and role of Labor Cooperative Association ”
Michel Rohart
Director, AGF SCOP Entreprises (Regional Union SCOP Rhone Alpes) (France)

“Humans and Animals living Together : the Case of Tokyo ”
Kumiko Kudo
President / NPO Nekodasuke (Japan)

“Seeking the prospect of development for Cooperative Social Solidarity Council through the experiences of Chantier ”
Nancy Neamtan
President/Executive Director, Chantier (Canada)

“The Power of Fair Trade: Helping the People and the Planet ”
Ramona Ramos
WFTO Asia (Philippine)

“Cooperation between profit & non-profit sector ”
Takeshi Akiba
Associate Professor, Ritsumeikan University (Japan)

“Urban agriculture sprouting through social economy ”
Toshio Kikuchi
Professor,Tokyo Metropolitan University (Japan)

“International trend of ethical fashion and current status, future task, and prospect of its certificate system ”
Sarah Ditty
Editor-in-Chief, SOURCE Intelligence (England)