Josefina (Joy) G. BELMONTE
Vice Mayor, Quezon (Philippines)
Ma. Josefina (Joy) G. Belmonte-Alimurung also serves as Presiding Officer of the Quezon City Council, Officer-in-Charge of Tourism Development for Quezon City, Chairperson of Anti-Poverty Task Force, Vice-Chair of the Quezon City Disaster Risk and Reduction Management Committee, Vice Chairperson of Quezon City Housing Board and Co-Chairperson of Quezon City Film Development Commission. She is an advocate of women empowerment, the promotion of children’s development, and social entrepreneurship.
She is also the President of the Congressional Spouses Foundation, Inc.
She founded the Quezon City Performing Arts Foundation, a pool of world-class talents performing and winning competitions all over the world. Through this foundation, she provides young people from the poorest communities opportunities to uplift themselves through the performing arts.
Vice-Mayor Belmonte has an M.A. in Public Administration and Development from the University of Birmingham. She is an archeologist and museum manager by profession, and heads the conceptualization and design of the Quezon City Museum which will soon rise at the Quezon Memorial Circle.
“How well social economy is integrated in the City and how it deals with social issues such as job creation, social economical inequality”

To fully appreciate how social economy is integrated into the fabric of Quezon City is to understand who we are as a people. The kind of environment that shaped us. The historical roots from where our present development strategies are founded. The way we
intentionally plan how to collectively march into the future.
Physically located in THE most dynamic location in the planet where every day is a battle with Mother Nature, we have learned to be resilient and adaptable, to act as one, and to do so with a song and a smile. The more than 400 years of foreign conquest has imbued us with the spirit of self-determination. Our City's namesake - - Manuel Luis Quezon, the first duly elected President of the Philippines under a US-granted Commonwealth status - - showed us a picture of growth and development where the common man can live with dignity. He designated Quezon City as the Philippines' Capital and turned it into a 'showplace' that hosted the country's highest governing body and at the same time served as the site of low-cost housing for the less privileged sector, the obreros or common workers. His message: everyone is part of development; no one is left behind.
In innovating for inclusive growth and development, therefore, Quezon City opted to do long-term pre-planning using highly participatory processes rather than rely on short-term re-active initiatives. Its development vision of what a 'quality community' is was collectively set and sectoral goals to contribute to its attainment easily determined. Implementation strategies include:
(a) participatory governance as the Quezon City Development Council has full sectoral representation; (b) convergence in poverty alleviation programs, guided by a detailed Socio-Economic Development Action Plan; and (c) citizen's socio-economic empowerment through livelihood/home-based enterprises, community-based enterprises, cooperatives, and social enterprises.
The future for Quezon City's continued development is clear as we mean to stay the course through orchestrated Executive Action and Legislative Agenda. A clear vision and strategy that is regularly. Achieved on the one hand through participatory, accountable and transparent governance; and on the other through collective action and hard work by the City's citizens and leaders. Founded on a culture of responsibility and productivity. Underpinned by the spirits of resiliency and adaptability. And, of course, all done with a smile.

Joy BELMONTE (Vice Mayor, Quezon, Philippines)