- Sessions Overview
- Speakers
Session Organisation Theme of the session
6 November, 13:00-15:00
Breakout Session 1 Seeds Proposing innovative model of youth social enterprise through mixed and complexed industries
Urban Information Research Lab
Breakout Session 2 Seoul Citizen Solar Power Plant The possibility of energy cooperative in a metropolis
Breakout Session 3 Ethical Fashion Network Private certification of ethical fashion
Ethical Fashion Forum
Breakout Session 4 Sungkonghoe University, Hanshin University Social Economy and Social Innovation
6 November, 15:00-16:30
Breakout Session 5 Association of Korean Local Governments for Social Economy and Solid Socially Responsible Public Procurement (SRPP) and Local Governments: The Korean Experience
Breakout Session 6 Happycoop, HANSALIM, and Korea women peasant association Building a food safety system through cooperation and solidarity: case of Genetically Modified Organism(GMO)
Consumers Union
Breakout Session 7 Seoul Urban Agriculture Building a food safety system through cooperation and solidarity: case of Genetically Modified Organism(GMO)
Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association (JONA)
Breakout Session 8 UNDP Social enterprise: a new model for poverty reduction and employment generations
7 November, 11:00-12:30
Breakout Session 9 Seoul Regional Cooperative Council Co-op Youth Educational Programme Development
Co-operative Education Trust Scotland (CETS)
Breakout Session 10 Korea Social Economy Network Seeking the prospect of development for Cooperative Social Solidarity Council through the experiences of Chantier
Breakout Session 11 CICOPA Social economy phenomenon in Europe and the role of worker cooperative movement
Breakout Session 12 Innovation cluster for housing regeneration Housing regeneration: Build by oneself and repair together
Asian Coalition for Housing Rights
Breakout Session 13 Seoul Council of Social Enterprise Social innovation, the role of the Council for the Social Enterprise(from grassroot to Global)
Social Enterprise UK
7 November, 14:30-18:00
Breakout Session 14 iCOOP KOREA Building a system to vitalize co-operatives
Legacoop Bologna
Breakout Session 15 Korea council of Fair Trade Organizations Sustainable Development through Fair Trade
WFTO Asia , BeautifulCoffee
Breakout Session 16 Hankyoreh Economic Research Institute Social Economy through Cooperation between Profit Sector and Non-profit Sector
Ritsumeikan University
Breakout Session 17 Social Economy Network for Urban Ecosystem Social Economy promoting coexistence of animal and human being
NPO Nekodasuke
Breakout Session 18 Korea Federation of Worker Cooperatives The structure and role of Labor Cooperative Association