- Sessions Overview
- Speakers
Session Speaker Theme of the session
6 November, 09:30-11:30
Keynote Lecture Marguerite Mendell
Director of the Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy (Canada)
The Role of the Social Economy in Urban Regeneration and its Impact on Societal Well-Being
Case Study 1 Won Soon Park
Mayor of Seoul (Republic of Korea)
Sustainability in Social Economy: Seoul Case Study
Case Study 2 Virginio Merola
Mayor of Bologna (Italy)
Sustainability in Social Economy: Bologna and Emilia Romagna Case Studies
Case Study 3 FUJITA Hiroyuki
Deputy mayor of Kyoto (Japan)
Power of Kyoto’ To Boast in The World – Future-oriented City Based on The Tradition
Case Study 4 Joy Belmonte
Vice-Mayor of Quezon (Philippine)
How well social economy is integrated in the City and how it deals with social issues such as job creation, social economical inequality
Case Study 5 Claire DERONZIER
Québec Delegate General, Government of Québec, Québec (Canada)
Sustainability in Social Economy: Québec Case Study
7 November, 09:00-10:30
Keynote Lecture 1 Nancy Neamtan
President/Executive Director of the Chantier (Canada)
Innovative partnerships to revitalize communities: lessons from Quebec
Keynote Lecture 2 Jess Steele
Associate Director: Community Organizing at Locality (England)
Make hope possible not despair convincing’: local communities at the heart of the social economy
Case Study 1 Kyong Yong Song
Co-chairman of the Organizing Committee of GSEF 2013
Building Better Governance for Social Economy in Seoul