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Breakout Session 13
Session Organiser:
Seoul Council of Social Enterprise
1. The Council
Seoul Council of Social Enterprise is the non-profit organization aiming to establish a new economic model through spreading social economy based on the cooperative network. Seoul Council of Social Enterprise, by being the principle axis of social economy, carries out the activity of public-private, private-private conference, exchange among social enterprises, suggesting policies, education and investigative research so as to promote the development and growth of social economy.
Seoul Council of Social Enterprise will keep on working hard to consolidate the already firm relationship between enterprises to make them materialize the visions of sustainable profit making businesses and achieving the social aims.
2. Our vision
For Seoul Council of Social Enterprise pursing the consolidation of relationships between regional government, social enterprises and local community is tremendously significant. With this in its minds, Seoul Council of Social Enterprise has been delivering its services to build the value of sharing and solidarity among social enterprises in Seoul.
3. Core Businesses
Consultation on social enterprise related policies
Collecting and sharing information of social enterprise
Education, promotion and consultation for supporting social enterprises
Building a network among social enterprises
Joint marketing business of commodities or services produced by social enterprises
Invited Organizer:
Social Enterprise UK

We are the national body for social enterprise. We represent our members to support and help grow the social enterprise movement.

We aim to influence for social enterprise at the highest level, working with Government partners and mainstream businesses to strengthen our work and make sure social enterprise is at the top of the business and political agendas.

In 2012 we celebrated our 10th anniversary. In June 2013 SEUK launched the Social Enterprise Places project, which recognised Alston Moor in Cumbria as the UK's first Social Enterprise Town. Social Enterprise UK has become increasingly involved in helping the social enterprise movement grow internationally. Our Chief Executive, Peter Holbrook, is Chair of the Social Enterprise World Forum.
  설립일 – Year 2002

Designing, hosting and organising visits from politicians and decision makers to the UK to meet with British experts, civil servants and ministers; helping them to understand what has helped build the social enterprise movement in the UK. Helping steer the direction of the Social Enterprise World Forum, and its growing global network. Providing insight and support to other European nations and European Commission through our role within the Commission’s Expert Group on Social Business. Helping build and working with similar national organisations being established in other countries. Developing learning and support programmes for social enterprise leaders.
Contact Details
주소-Social Enterprise UK, The Fire Station, 139 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2HZ
이메일 - info@socialenterprise.org.uk
연락처- +44 020 3589 4950
대표자명 – Peter Holbrook
David Dawes (Social Enterprise UK, UK)