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Ethical Fashion Network
1. Ethical Fashion Network
Ethical Fashion Network, which is the group of five social enterprises, was established in 2012 with the aim of promoting social value. With its in their minds, Ethical Fashion Network is primarily to achieve such goals through:
Fair wages, sustainable development

Create sustainable employment-opportunities for economically disadvantaged women in Asia and provide fair wages to producers while maintaining a long-term relationship with them.
Preserving traditional technology and cultural diversity

Promote preserving traditional technologies and the cultural diversity in Asia by innovating a new variety of products.
Safe working environment

Provide a safe working environment for the producers and continuously support for their development and growth
Environment and Health protection

Throughout the entire process from producing to selling, encourage better environmental practices and protect the health of producers and consumers.
Ethical consumption

Provide consumers with LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) products that carry producers’ stories so that the consumers can participate in the Fair Trade movement through ethical consumption.
2. Ethical Fashion Network is currently promoting social value through ethical consumption with below key organizations
Orgdot: Producing clothes with recycled fabrics
Sewing for the Soil: Eco-wedding dress and baby supplies
Fair Trade Korea g:ru: Fair trade products
R/E/B/L/A/N/K: Up-cycling bags and accessories
Cornsox: Sox made of corn thread
Invited Organizer:
Ethical Fashion Forum
1. Vision and Goals

The eradication of exploitation, hardship and environmental damage from the supply chains to the fashion industry and the practices of fashion businesses

The creation of a movement led by the fashion industry, for the fashion industry, which upholds and practices more than doing no harm- actively striving to add value for people and the environment, across the entire industry sector

Industry training and resources made available which ensure that every single UK fashion business is aware of how they can become more sustainable, why it is important, and where to find the tools to do so

The raising of consumer awareness in relation to sustainable fashion.

The creation of a clear and consistent system for communication of ethical standards by fashion businesses

A system of standards and regulations ruling out exploitative practices in the fashion industry

Broad and fundamental change towards better practices in the fashion industry within the next 10 years

The creation of a model and precedent for industry change which can be drawn from and built upon by other industries
2. History
In 2004, on a grey January day in London, a group of determined fashion designers and business people sat around a table to discuss the challenges they faced and what they could do about it.
1) CONNECT: the creation of a collaborative movement

To create a collaborative movement that will transform social and environmental standards in the fashion industry within a decade.

To reach and engage with representatives from every sector of the fashion industry towards this goal.

To expand to 15,000 network members within 3 years.

To engage with policy makers and industry bodies to enshrine best practice within the regulations governing the fashion industry.

To create a platform that will raise awareness and allow wide scale consumer engagement and support for better practices

To offer subsidised access to every service offered to facilitate engagement by organisations from the developing world.

2) SOURCE: Fashion Business Success without Compromise

To grow the network of professionals in fashion markets dedicated to ethical sourcing. To reach 50% of EU industry directly within 5 yrs

To promote and build partnerships with suppliers and networks working to high ethical standards in order to secure long term market access. To support at least 5000 suppliers within 3-5 years.

3) EXCEL: Supporting and promoting Excellence in Ethical Fashion

To increase the competitiveness of fashion businesses working to high ethical criteria and the business case to do so

To create a vehicle that will make the information, resources and training needed to work sustainably available to all fashion businesses

To increase the capacity of ethical, Fair Trade and community suppliers from the South through dedicated training programmes and subsidised or free access to information
4. Contact Details
- Rich Mix, Unit C02
  35-47 Bethnal Green Rd
London E1 6LA
- Email info@ethicalfashionforum.com
- Telephone 020 7739 7692
- Tamsin Lejeune: Managing Director and Founder
Sarah DITTY (Editor in Chief, Ethical Fashion Forum, UK)
Namkyung JANG (Professor, Hansei University, Republic of Korea)