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Breakout Session 17
Session Organiser:
Social Economy Network for Urban Ecosystem
< Social Economy Network for Urban Ecosystem > is a network organization, formed by many social economy organizations that try to protect and take care of companion animals and abandoned animals.
Social economy organizations such as companion animal medical cooperative and animal behavior therapy social enterprise, and animal protection groups and animal protection policy study group are participating in this network.
Social Economy Network for Urban Ecosystem studies animal protection, local community, and social economy in common.
We are preparing a session with the theme of “Community for All life” for “2013 Global Social Economy Forum” which will be held in Seoul from November 5 to 7.
Introduction to Network-Affiliated Group
1. Our Animal Life Cooperative (OALC)
: Veterinary clinic cooperative, founded by local residents in Mapo-gu, Seoul
Site: http://mapowithpet.com

2. Eunpyeong Companion Animal Community ‘Half- and -Half’
: Local companion animal community, organized by local residents in Eunpyeonggu, Seoul
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/animalcoop

3. Social Enterprise Polangpolang
: Social enterprise that provides animal behavior psychology education, and
service program
Site: http://polangpolang.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/polangpolang

4. Twinkling Animal Medial Living Cooperative

5. Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth
: Nation-wide Nonprofit Organization (NPO), rescuing abandoned animals, and protecting animals
Site: http://www.fromcare.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CAREanimalKorea
Invited Organizer:
Nekodasuke is a NPO corporation advocating for animal life and animal protection. It strives to preserve an environment including urban areas for humans and animals to coexist, through various activities focused on the cohabitation of people and cats. The work of Nekodasuke includes promoting city clean-up and environmental conservation, along with networking, advising, and supporting the relevant organizations in terms of their operations and activities.
We started as an alley cat rescue volunteering group, ‘Nekodasuke’ in 1997 which networks individual rescue activities. The year after, due to the increasing number of individuals, groups, and organizations engaging in local development activities, a secretariat was needed. In 1999, when there were more than 350 members in the group, the necessity of a secretariat management system arose. In response, Nekodasuke was established as an NPO corporation.
Nekodasuke’s major businesses include: publishing newsletters and developing promotional materials for the members and administrative divisions related to animals nationwide; online PR activities; co-hosting ‘local cat seminars’ and ‘consultation sessions’ with local and district administrative agencies; advising service on measures for local cats via telephone or e-mail; lending capture tools for TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return); various field activities related to measures for local cats