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Breakout Session 4
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SungKongHoe University
SungKongHoe University was established in 1914 by the Anglican Church in the form of the Saint Michael’s Theological Seminary. In the early 1990, the school became a comprehensive university, teaching a wide range of subjects not only in Christian theology but in humanities, social sciences, area studies, management, electronic engineering, information technology and computer science. The university was increasingly considered by students, parents and mass media to be a unique institution: open, progressive, inclusive, innovative, socially committed, and boldly experimental. The university believes that by sharing, helping and supporting others we can create a much better society than we pursue our own self-regarding interests individually. We believe that all of us should be servants of ourselves so that everyone is at once the master and the servant all at the same time. The university has broken grounds in innovative curriculum development along the line of the above principles and goals: human rights, peace, gender studies, social economy, international development. Due to our emphasis on these subjects, the University is widely known as the ‘university of human rights and peace.’ We aim to study and find ways to contribute to the building of strong civil society, local community and a better Asian society on the basis of the practical frame of human rights and peace.