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Breakout Session 2
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Seoul Citizen Solar Power Plant
Our objectives are to promote our members’ welfare and a balanced growth of the national economy through cooperative movement of mutual assistance with the spirit of independence, autonomy, self-reliance and self-governance; to recover a friendly and hospitable community by expanding sustainable renewable energy plants in order to establish an self-reliant energy saving system in Seoul and to realize a cooperative and peaceful social economy in response to the times of energy & resources depletion and climate changes.
2012.03 Established Seoul Citizen’s Solar Power Coop
2012.06 Made coalition agreement with Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education
2013.01 Registered as Seoul Citizen’s Solar Power Coop
2013.08 Hosted Citizen Contributory National Forum ‘The Present and Future of Solar Power Development’
2013.09 Seoul Citizen’s Solar Power Plant launching conference hosted by the Seoul Federation of Citizen Development Cooperatives (preparatory)
2013.10 Held a workshop for foundation of Seoul Federation of Citizen Development Cooperatives (preparatory) and examined the validity of its building Site
Core Business
1. Provide the coop members and staff with counseling services, education & training programs and information
2. Businesses for cooperation between cooperatives
3. Businesses for promotion of the coop and the local community
4. Building sustainable renewable energy plants in public institutions and schools in Seoul as part of Seoul City’s policy of reducing a nuclear plant
5. Sell electricity produced by the business stated above (4).
6. Promotion and education on the renewable energy and environment
7. Other businesses related to those stated above