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Breakout Session 1
Session Organiser:
Seed:s is a nonprofit corporation to raise young social entrepreneurs, create an innovative model of social enterprises and study the future. We are promoting training of young social entrepreneurs, creation of Korean social enterprise development model, creation of civil base for social enterprise, practice study of social enterprise to settle Korean and sustainable social enterprises based on self-motivation and creativity of the civil society.
Core Business
01. Foster social enterprise and young social entrepreneurs
02. Create a civil base and build investor networks
03. Mediate resources between sectors
04. Develop a localization model
05. Distribute the Korean social enterprise model to foreign countries
06. Study social enterprises and create development models
Byung hoon LEE (Director, Hyundai Motor Group Corporate Responsibility Team, Republic of Korea)
Johnson SG JUN (Adjunct Professor, KAIST Technology Management & CEO, M Technology Business Group)
Invited Organizer:
Urban Information Research Lab
Since 2006, the Urban Informatics Research Lab has conducted research and development across people, place and technology with a focus on cities, location-based services, and mobile technology. Our team is transdisciplinary in that it comprises and collaborates with architects with degrees in media studies, software engineers with expertise in urban sociology, human-computer interaction designers with a grounding in cultural studies, and urban planners with an interest in digital media and social networking. Part of the QUT School of Design in Creative Industries Faculty, our research lab embraces the creative energy of a range of disciplines across technology, social media, digital fabrication, and urban design.
QUT’s Creative Industries Faculty is pioneering international research initiatives in creative industries policy, applied creative industries research, digital media design, and the creative and performing arts.
Jaz CHOI (Deputy Director, Urban Informatics Research Lab at Queensland University of Technology, Australia)