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Breakout Session 15
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KFTO(Korea council of Fair Trade Organizations)
The Fair Trade movement may have started relatively late in Korea, but it is now growing very fast with the KFTO (Korea council of Fair Trade Organizations), the country network of leading Fair Trade organizations in Korea, being established in 2012 and now taking progressive steps to promote Fair Trade in Korea. The members are below:

Asia Fair trade Network (www.asiafairtrade.net)
BeautifulCoffee (www.beautifulcoffee.org)
Be My Friend (www.bemyfriend.or.kr)
Dure APNet (www.apnet.or.kr)
EARTHMAN (www.earthman.asia)
eFairtrade (www.efairtrade.co.kr)
Fair Trade Korea g:ru (www.fairtradegru.com)
iCOOP Korea (www.icoop.co.kr)

Sharing Happiness, Korea Food for the Hungry International (www.khfi.or.kr)
YMCA Café Timor (www.peacecoffee.co.kr)

On World Fair Trade Day (12th of May 2012) KFTO and the Seoul metropolitan government announced that Seoul will now be working to achieve Fair Trade City status. As the capital of Korea and home to 10 million citizens Seoul’s step will be a significant milestone for the Fair Trade movement in Korea.
The process of making Seoul a Fair Trade city will stimulate the awareness of its citizens and civil society generally on the issues of poverty and unfair trading practices. It will also help towards making Seoul a truly cosmopolitan city that cares about its neighbours around the world. With the participation of communities from various backgrounds, Seoul will play its role to promote the values of fairness, consideration, and sustainability in the international community making it worthy of becoming a Fair Trade City