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Breakout Session 15
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Brand name: Beautiful Coffee
Type: nonprofit foundation/social enterprise
Mission: “Using trade that worsens poverty, as a means of eradicating poverty”
We try to use the current trade, which deepens poverty, as a means of eradicating poverty through Fair Trade. We think that the unfair trade structure preventing the poor from emerging from poverty is one of the main causes of poverty. We believe that if trade is fair, it can be a great means of distributing wealth and solving poverty. To eradicate poverty through trade, we try to support marginalized producers’ selfreliance through partnership based on communication and respect, raise questions about unfair trade structure and corporate practices based on the support of consumers and citizens, and prove that we can realize righteous and sustainable business as a pure fair trade.

Core Business

1) Distribute fair trade products to about 1,300 online and offline stores
- Brewed coffee brand ‘Gift’: ‘A gift from Himalayas’, ‘A gift from Andes’, ‘A gift from Kilimanjaro’
- Organic fair trade brand ‘Equal’: Equal Americano Black/Sweet, Equal Chocolate Real Dark/Sweet Dark
- Others: fair trade coffee mix mocha, honest hot chocolate (10T/20T)
2) Core activities supporting the area of coffee production
Business Name Period Contents
Social Premium (community development fund) 2010~present Provide Gulmi Nepal, Naranjillo Peru and Gumutindo Uganda cooperatives with social premium
Support sapling∙equipment 2009~2010

Provide coffee sapling to increase the income of farming families in Nepal Support some of the costs of purchasing cooperative vehicles for coffee transportation and visit to village

Rebuild schools 2009~2010 Rebuild Kalika school in Pidim, Nepal the area of black tea production
Provide scholarship 2009~2011 Gulmi cooperative (2009)
Provide KTE (Kanchenjangha Tea Estate) scholarship (2011)
Coffee quality improvement project 2011~ Provide coffee producers in Gulmi cooperative with training on coffee quality (method of cultivation, cupping, etc)