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Breakout Session 10
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Korea Social Economy Network(KSEN)
1. The Network
The Korea Social Economy Network was established in 2012 with the aim of promoting Cooperative Act 2011 in which enhancing the values of cooperative and sharing a social economy network for social entrepreneurs and enterprises. With its primary purpose, the Korea Social Economy Network is vitalizing a social economy network to sustainably build solid relationships between cooperative and social economy enterprises. Indeed, the Korea Social Economy Network is a group of 40 organizations, which is animatedly operating its businesses in the field of social economy.
2. Our vision and Business
The vision of the Korea Social Economy Network is to create firm network among social enterprises and entrepreneurs. With this in its minds, the Korea Social Economy Network aims to accomplish its vision through:
Hosting regional social gathering and social activists competition
Accumulating regional development funds
Offering social economic courses at the school
Development of new school curriculum related to social economy/cooperative
Using social network services to enhance information sharing
Suggesting policies and endorsing legal system improvement in social economy
Young Deok JOO (Director, Cooperative Support Center of Hwarang Credit Union, Republic of Korea)