Course 1. Kumbakyeon and Korea Furniture Museum
Date 5(Tue) November 2013
Time 09:00 – 14:30
Itinerary Hotel SKYPARK Central, The Plaza - Hanok Village & Kumbakyeon - Korea Furniture Museum – City Hall
* Departure time - Hotel SKYPARK Central: 09:00 / The Plaza: 09:10
The workroom has been starting its unique gold crafting from the Joseon Dynasty,KingCheoljong(i.e.morethan150years).
Leaning what patterns of gold foil had used for royal family clothing
Engaging in actual gold crafting procedure for bookmark and postcard.
Korea Furniture Museum
A specialized museum exhibiting a collection of traditional Korean wooden furniture. This specialized museum exhibits traditional Korean wooden furniture and household goods, such as pottery and brass tableware. The collections are classified according to type (bedroom, guest room, kitchen), material (black persimmon tree, ginkgo tree, bamboo, pine, paper), and region.
Course 2. Sungmi Mt. Village Community and Studio Sool
Date 6(Wed) November 2013
Time 13:00 – 18:30
Itinerary City Hall - Sungmi Mt. village Community – Studio Sool - City Hall
Sungmi Mt. Village Community
Sung-Mi Mountain Village is a community in Seoul, Korea of 20 families who decided to create their own village in order to create a safe place for their children to grow up. There are schools with music and art in the hallways, cafés full of organic foods, and community theaters run by neighbors.
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Studio Sool
Studio Sool is an institute that conducts research & development of Korean traditional wine and beverage tasting program.
Making Dongdongju (Korean wine) in group of five
Taking Korean traditional drinking etiquette lesson
Giving out 2-300ml one bottle of Korean wine

Course 3. DMZ Tour
Date 8(Fri) November 2013
Time 8:00 – 15:00
Itinerary City Hall – DMZ Tour – City Hall
The DMZ is the most heavily fortified border on the planet. It has been 50 years since the Korean War ended in 1953, but the DMZ remains, dividing the Korean Peninsula. The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel, about 73 meters underground, and 2 meters wide and high, was conducted by North Korean to infiltrate the South. At Dora Observatory, you can peek into North Koreans’ daily lives through a telescope
☺ Essential Requirement: original passport should be with you on the tour date
      We need at least 10 people to get organised the tour
Contact Information
Ms. Kathy Cho
Tel: +82-2-774-3345