Welcome Message
Welcome to the homepage of the Global Social Economy Forum 2013
As Mayor of Seoul, I would like to welcome all of you to Seoul Metropolitan City and to the first Global Social Economy Forum.
South Korea is well-known as a country which rose from the ashes of the Korean War and has achieved an economic miracle over the last half-century. Being ranked as the 10th largest economy in the world is strong evidence of the diligent efforts and creativity of the Korean people. Nevertheless, along with many countries around the globe, South Korea also has been confronting some negative socio-economic effects as a result of the miracle of economic growth. Two of these are the polarization of wealth and high youth unemployment.
We therefore believe that it is time for the international community to move beyond growth and dream the dream of happiness for all. That means promoting the value of cooperation rather than competition and enhancing development with the aim of meeting societal challenges.
The Seoul Metropolitan Government indeed recognizes that the vast potential of the social economy provides one possible way to achieve comprehensive development for all.
We therefore plan to create an opportunity for the primary agents, including local autonomous entities and socio-economic organizations, to get together and share their priceless experiences and cases, and discuss social economic policies.
The upcoming 2013 Global Social Economy Forum will take in place from 5th to 7th November with the goal of establishing regular meetings for the exchange of ideas and experiences and of actively collaborating to envision a new paradigm for the future of the social economy among key opposite numbers invited from across the world. This is the context for the first Global Social Economy Forum and the year 2013 is a special milestone in the world communities for initiating the social economy movement towards envisaging a new agenda for the future. Diverse exhibitions, field trips, and other innovative programs will be part of the Forum to inspire participants for the future development of the social economy sector.
We are honored to host the Global Social Economy Forum and it is our great privilege to provide venues for sharing, learning and the building partnership among the participants from domestic and international regional governments, and from socio-economic organizations from over 15 countries in Asia and the Pacific and as far afield as Europe and the Americas. We believe indeed that this forum represents a valuable opportunity to strengthen mutual cooperation and international solidarity on social economy issues and we would appreciate your kind interest and support for the successful hosting of this forum.
Mayor of Seoul
On behalf of the non-governmental sector, I would like to welcome all of you participating in the Global Social Economy Forum 2013 in Seoul.
The whole world is facing a large scale financial crisis and the governments and civic organizations of each country are devoting all their strengths to overcoming it. The social economy, being faithful to the values of spontaneity, cooperation, democratic participation and ecological worth, is considered the most efficient and sustainable methodology and philosophy to surmount a global crisis. In addition, Good Governance between the private and public sectors, is the main contributor to a better future ahead.
  Seoul Metropolitan Government and civic organization together with private social economy organizations are trying to create a society guaranteeing a higher quality of life with more democracy under the value of social innovation. With all these efforts, many parts of the social economy are going through a period of rapid development. But also, we are doing our best to learn from the case studies and experiences of other countries with a longer history of social economy.
  Through this forum I hope we will be able to share our visions and experiences. Furthermore, I hope the forum will serve as an opportunity to form a Global Social Economy Network by which the people who prefer cooperation and coexistence to competition can enjoy a continuing friendship.
  There is an old saying, ‘How can I not be glad when a friend comes from afar’. I wholeheartedly welcome my friends trying to create a better society through social economy .
  Yours sincerely,
  Kyong Yong Song
  Co-chairman of the Organizing Committee of GSEF 2013